The most influential film, according to science

Cinema is the newer art, but by no means the least influential. Films have influenced fashion, music, painting, photography and even literature, but there are inner canons that define films that gave cinema a new direction and continue to this day to influence stories, narrative forms and technical discoveries.

It is common to think about it psychosis also vertigoEven the entirety of Alfred Hitchcock’s work, when we think of films that opened new doors to horror and suspense. even in citizen Such a masterpiece that was more than innovative when it came to character building. but, It was the researchers Livio Boglio and Ruggero G. Pensa who decided to give this discussion a scientific character and carry out a comprehensive study to determine what is The most influential movie of all time.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

A classic from the 30s

As posted in Applied Network ScienceHe deserves this title The Wizard of Oz From 1939. The answer is not surprising, since Still a sensation in movies today, Victor Fleming changed the way musicals were made and brilliantly advanced the use of Technicolor technology..

The researchers explained what they considered in the study:

The extent to which the film influenced others produced after its release, whether from a technical or economic point of view. For each film, we collected information about its year of release, genres and countries of production to analyze trends and styles of film. In addition, we collected data on 20,000 directors and nearly 400 directors. 1,000 actors and actresses, and we used our internet references and film sources to assess and rank their careers.

As for the top 10 most influential films, The second place goes to star Wars And they follow him psychosisAnd King Kong character (from 1993), 2001: A Space OdysseyAnd presentAnd Citizen KaneAnd The birth of a nationAnd Frankenstein And Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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