The UK prohibits the use of weak default passwords, such as “1234” or “admin”, on connected devices

Madrid, April 29 (Portal/EP) –

United kingdom Hectare The use of weak passwords is prohibited by default. As “1234” or “Admin” in Internet connected devicesso that manufacturers meet minimum standards for protection against cyber threats and computer hacking, and guarantee User safety.

United kingdom Proposed in 2021Within the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) bill, Block the use of default global passwords on connected devices, Including the Internet of Things (IoT).

New regulations designed to meet consumer protections against hacking and cyberattacks took effect Monday, requiring connected smart devices to meet “minimum security standards” set by law.

One of the rules Prevents manufacturers from using weak, easy-to-guess default passwords In Internet-connected products, as explained by the Science, Innovation and Technology Department of A Statement on the government website.

This means that They will not be able to use passwords such as “1234” or “Admin” on devices connected to the Internet, As is the case with smartphones, tablets, TVs, speakers, smart watches, video game consoles or even connected refrigerators. And in case you are Using a commonly used password, The regulations indicate this The user will be prompted to change it upon login.

And this is what is meant Strengthening the protection of individuals, society and the economy from potential cybercriminals, In addition to increasing consumer confidence in the safety of the products they buy and use.

The new law, which took effect on Monday, seeks to increase cyber resilience in the country 99% of adults own at least one smart device And in Houses there are average Nine connected devices.

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the Smart devices that are part of the home can be subject to more than 12,000 hacking attacks from around the world in one week.. In total, 2,684 of them are aimed at trying to guess weak passwords, according to a study by What? Quoted from the government.

This law is part of System for Communications and Product Security Infrastructure (PSTI), It is designed to improve the country's ability to counter cyber attacks and ensure that “malicious interference” does not impact the global economy.

In addition, show Other means of protection Security, such as manufacturers' commitment Post contact details So that users and companies can be notified that errors and problems are resolved.

And manufacturers and retailers should be too Be honest with customers about the minimum amount of time it will take to receive important security updates On connected smart devices.

Moreover, consumers and cybersecurity experts can also do this Report any products that do not meet standards Noted in the regulations Office of Product Safety and Standards (OPSS).

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