Faced with the economic situation, Massa paused campaigning and focused fully on management

Sergio Massa has paused the campaign to devote himself entirely to management (Europa Press/Contact/Manuel Cortina)

Sergio Massa I travel to United State To start a small tour in Washington, where he will meet with the head of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, and representatives of the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Joe Biden government and the US Treasury. And it will be an amazing 48 hours waiting for the payment to be disbursed $7.5 billion that have been agreed upon with the Fund and which are vital for Argentina.

And in the remaining days of the month, and perhaps in the first days that make up the month of September, Massa will devote most of his time to the position of Minister of Economy. The dual role of official and candidate is impractical in this time of economic instability, negotiating with supermarkets and designing measures to counteract the inflationary blow after devaluation.

It’s noisy to campaign two months before the general election. The first lines are already drawn. In Union for the Fatherland (UP) They chose Javier Miley as the main opponent and confirmed that Mauricio Macri supports him Secretly, and mixed with his radical position. That is why Massa brought them into the electoral arena at the start of a new phase in the electoral process.

This fine line of campaign rhetoric has provided a much clearer story inside UP, where in the past week there have been many leaders who have had more questions than answers about how to move forward. Massa has made it clear in his public appearances that the aim is to pin Miley as an unfit candidate to run the country. And on this idea he will focus heavily.

During his trip to the United States, Sergio Massa will meet with the head of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva.

But the economic situation is so delicate at this time that Massa and his team decided to focus exclusively on management. “There will be 15 days exclusively for the administration. The important thing now is to take action to rebuild people’s purchasing power and face the damage caused by the depreciation of the currency.”They pointed at the minister’s entourage.

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Progress is being made on the announcement of a Lump sum For official workers, but the amount has not yet been determined. It is possible that the announcement will be before the weekend. That is the point. Meanwhile, trade unionists began sending clear signals: a urgent measure To mitigate the impact of inflation.

Over the weekend CTA chief of workers, Hugo Yaskyone of the trade unionists closest to Christina Kirchner‘ asked the government “repair the damage” and that inflation is produced “in the pockets of Argentines”. Peronist unions can delay claims, but not avoid them. Monthly inflation of 6% of the minimum has left many parity agreements that were closed in the first quarter of the year behind.

“We’re talking about a fixed amount. To us, Minimum $75,000. Present the anticipated increase to the Vital and Mobile Minimum Wage Board, put it into action now, and meet to discuss the closing of the last quarter. We, from Peronism, We have always said that when people have pesos in their pockets, the economy moves, and they spend it. “Well, let’s do it,” he said during an interview.

Independent CTA head Hugo Yaschi has asked for a fixed sum of at least $75,000 (Gustavo Javotti)

This demand is in addition to that of several major unions calling for joint reopening. Banking, truck drivers and tradeThree of those with the largest number of affiliates, to name a few, asked business to reopen the discussion. the reason? more than clear. Inflation in recent months and inflationary expectations for the next two months, which, according to private advisers, will be in the double digits.

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The decision to pause the campaign is not only about the need for time to solve the administrative problem, but also to achieve a strategic goal. They in the ruling party understand that this is not the time for Massa to appear at the helm of the political campaign. The social climate is so tense, and after the PASO, there is such a high level of uncertainty that there is the possibility that Miley will end up becoming president.

In this context, and in line with the idea that he is in front of the storms, Massa decided to start visits, in a campaign form, to the suburbs and the regions. In linking the candidate with the heads of the sects, there is a pending discussion. No one in the Al-Biruni hideout missed the distance that existed in some municipalities between what the minister achieved and the votes obtained by the mayor. Scissors have been widely used in some suburban towns.

“You have to adjust the strategy in different places and talk to them.”They say in Masismo. It’s a neat way of acknowledging that there are internal critics, and that the debate over what the second part of the campaign should look like is far from over.

Sergio Massa will focus on management and when the season resumes he will call for his tours in the Buenos Aires area

Halfway through the holidays from the UP hideout they announced that once Massa returned from the US those talks would start to come to life. In parallel, they got some encouraging data in terms of surveys. advisory study B.C.E. cast down The first panorama of the general elections It turned out to be good news for the ruling party.

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And as the analogy that began to spread through Peronism shows, in response to the question of who the people would vote for if elections were held now, 35.3% preferred the following; 30.8% for Massa and 27.7% for Patricia Bullrich.

This study highlights the idea that the pro-government haven has existed since last week, and that it has to do with the fact that the candidate of the National Unity Party was trapped in the polarization of two opposing discourses that made her lose the support of part of the electorate. . The Peronists believe that this will be the final picture of the general elections. Two months left and the scenario is very changing. Too long to think it might be the last picture the votes collect.

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