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Jose “Pepe” Mujica announced that he was suffering from a tumor in his esophagus

Jose “Pepe” Mujica announced that he was suffering from a tumor in his esophagus. (Photo: AFP)

Former President of Uruguay Jose “Pepe” Mujica Announced this Monday that it has tumor in the esophagus, Which was revealed during the medical examination conducted last Friday at a health center in Montevideo.

Mujica held a press conference this afternoon in which he explained that his case was “extremely vulnerable.” Doubly complicated Because of the autoimmune disease he has been suffering from for 20 years, which causes it – Difficulties undergoing chemotherapy or surgery.

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The former president said that he was undergoing a medical examination by doctors, although he explained that he felt “absolutely fine” and provided details about his health condition: “If I eat something thick I feel pain.”. In a few days I will have a little clearer picture.

Meanwhile, Mujica joked about his situation and said so He doesn't know “when the light will go out.” “In order to die, you have to die. We belong to the world of living beings, and into the world of living beings we are born and destined to die. That is why life is an enormous adventure,” he added.

On the other hand, the leader of the Popular Participation Movement confirmed that “as much as I can” he will continue his political struggle: “I will continue my activity and entertainment with vegetables. As long as this atmosphere continues, I will continue.”He said.

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Pepe Mujica talked about everything with Telenoche.

“I want to convey to girls and boys that life is beautiful, and it ends and goes. The essence of the matter is that you start again every time you fall, and If there is anger, turn it into hope and fight for love, Don't let the hate fool yourselves. He said: “No one is saved alone.”

“I'm grateful they took what I danced.”The Amplio Front leader, who was urgently admitted to the Casmo Joint Fund in April 2021 due to esophageal pain, concluded. Later, doctors determined that it was an ulcer caused by a foreign body that later migrated into the digestive system and was not found.

On that occasion, he was discharged from hospital and returned to his farm in Rincon del Cerro, where he had to rest for a few days. Exactly, two years after that health problem, a tumor was discovered in the esophagus.

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Just four days ago, Mujica came out to the intersection Javier Miley For his relationship with the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The former Uruguayan president said that the Argentine president “immediately spoiled” and stated that with his exclusion he “spoilt” the relationship with Brazil.

“I'm very sorry that Miley, who is seen as being very reckless and very impulsive, immediately made the mistake of comforting Lola. He has the right to think what he wants, but a man at the head of a country cannot say that about a neighboring country. He said during an interview with ” “The relationship is ruined.” Evie.

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Mujica said that Argentina “faces many problems” and hopes that they can overcome them, and stressed that Uruguay “better do well.” “The Argentine middle class that comes to spend the summer here (in Uruguay) if they can, leaves behind a lot of money and work and everything else. That's a value. A balanced Argentina suits us. I hope that this project implemented by Miley will achieve results and that Argentina will take the necessary measures.Detained.

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