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next one February 11 marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science And join these integration efforts Instituto Francés La Salle will be holding two great conferences that will be featured on their YouTube channel. First responsible for Binal Kamdar, educational consultant using the LEGO methodology, Followed by Michelle J. Long, Director of Public Relations at FIRST.

Gerardo Gonzalez Adam, Technology Coordinator at the French Institute La Salle, Explained to Millennium In an interview that the motivation given to her infamous students has had its rewards since they won competitions that allowed them to attend large meetings international.

“What we’re looking for, February 11th is International Women and Girls’ Day in Science, is for our students to become more involved in science and technology. The truth is that historically, women have been less involved in science.”

Academic He established as an example that of the total number of Nobel Prizes awarded in the history of this honor, only 57 women have been honored. The first edition was held in 1901 and was most prized for performing acts of altruism, literature, or women dedicated to medicine.

“The truth is that there are women who are very talented in the field of science and technology so what we are looking for is to be patient so that the girls in particular are more interested in technology. At school, all of our students carry robots, and girls are scheduled to participate in all activities related to science and technology. That is why we will have two conferences, one of which is with Pinal Kamdar, who is Indian and a certified LEGO coach. “

González Adame said the second speaker will be Michelle Long, who is originally from the US and is no less than responsible for FIRST ScholarshipsWith salaries that can reach millions of dollars so young people can continue their university studies.

“We’ll also be featuring a girl who is in Monterey who has a project to encourage girls and women to get involved in science and technology and two of our students who participated in the science fair and got accreditation in Hong Kong as well. They’ll tell us about their experience in their short history, in quotes because they’re in high school, in science and technology.” “.

When and how it will be

This series of The video conferencing will be broadcast next Thursday from 7:45 AM until 7:45 AM From The YouTube channel of the French institute La Salle. Along with the advancement of girls into science, it is essential to give them the ability to venture into fields that have been deprived of their gender in the past.

“Women are still subjected to discrimination in science and technology and the idea is to get girls involved in it. The school situation is exceptional because for us a boy and a girl are the same, but the team that won to go to Hong Kong are two girls and a boy, but in general it is considered that women still do not have the ability to Doing math, physics, chemistry, robotics, and this is maintaining a very masculine idea as it tries to make women less. “

in this way Gerardo Gonzalez Adam called on residents to join this vision and appreciate the work being done to put women in leadership. Regarding the two competitions, he said that the first and second will be in English, followed by local experiences, so that young women can express their thoughts in Spanish.

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