Mexico scored a solid second inning, defeated Canada and earned an entry ticket to the Olympics

With goals from Uriel Antuna and Jonathan Vásquez, Mexico defeated Canada 2–0 on Sunday in one of the semi-finals of the soccer qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics. Canada, which had not qualified for the Olympics since Los Angeles 1984, had a good first half, but the hosts went out for the second more than 45 minutes and clinched their qualification with two goals.

Mexico, gold medalist in London 2012, has not missed any Olympic Games since Beijing 2008.

In the second half, the Canadian goalkeeper, who had been the number until then, mishandled the ball at a picnic and did not forgive Antona for a 1–0 score. Soon after, Vázquez made it 2-0 after a free throw to secure a tri-color victory.

In the early hours, Honduras beat the United States 2-0 and clinched their first ticket to Tokyo 2020.

On Tuesday, the two teams compete for the final of the tournament at Akron Stadium.

This is how we lived the game:

End of the game: Mexico defeated Canada 2-0 to get their ticket to Tokyo 2020. A top-secret game for Mexico but did enough to go to the Olympics, thanks to a foul from the Canadian goalkeeper who opened the scoring. For the Aztec team.

89th minute: Macias cannot go well into the area.

The 81st minute: Antona received a strong foul from the back, with permission from Norman. Antona wakes up and faces the Canadian defender.

The 76th minute: Leaves Aguirre and enters Mallorga, and Angulo enters via Vega.

The 73rd minute: Baldessimo is lying on the field after a mistake.

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70th minute: Mexico was very close to third. Now he has a free kick outside the area.

64 minutes: iGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!! from Mexico! Cordova in the middle, Vasquez rises and heads, hits the post, bounces off the defender and the Mexican knocks her into the net. Mexico 2, Canada 0.

61st minute: Alvarado leaves and Macias enters.

57th minute: iGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!! Antuna takes advantage of a Pantemis error, receives the ball and pays it. Mexico 1, Canada 0.

55th minute: Alvarado with a grenade after bouncing from a free kick.

The 53rd minute: Cordova with a very wide shot from outside the area.

51st minute: The party is very stuck and very few arrivals. The Mexican national team lacks a lot of imagination.

Start the second time!

The end of the first half: Mexico becomes complicated against Canada and makes the crowd nervous. A match with few chances for Mexico, but Cordova and Antony were unable to achieve effective results within the region.

41st minute: Buchanan tests from a long distance. Very oblique.

40th minute: Vázquez with a very wrong header from a free kick.

37th minute: Baldessimo leaves the field after competing with Eskefiel for the ball.

33rd minute: Cordova complains about a penalty when the Canadian defender holds him. But it was a dip.

31st minute: Mexico has a lot of control, but not many expats. Anton’s rescue has been key so far.

30th minute: Rodriguez with an amazing play.

23rd minute: Antona missed an excellent opportunity. Pantmes saves 1-1 in front of the former Galaxy player!

20th minute: A dangerous shot by Esquivel!

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19th minute: Cordova fled again to the right, saving Pantemis.

11th minute: Basong’s mistake on Antona, it looks like it might be a yellow card.

Minute 10: A massive rescue from Pantemis!

Minute 5: Cordova tried to enter the Canadian zone and stole the ball.

The game started in Jalisco Stadium!

In a matter of seconds, we’ll see the team that will accompany Honduras in Tokyo 2020. For now, Honduras has dashed Americans’ hopes first thing in the morning:

This is how the two teams came out:

Canada departs this way for your ticket to the Olympics:

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