Prince Harry confirms his visit to the UK to attend the Invictus Games

Andto Prince Harry bent on Visit the United Kingdom Next month for celebrations Invictus gamesDespite concerns about her safety. There was speculation that he might choose a virtual presence due to security concerns, but a former royal security expert denied this idea.

Former head of royal protection Dai Davies Chat exclusively with Mirror He confirmed that Prince Harry It will not be deterred by security concerns. Davies Highlight the experience Harry's chief of protectionHe is a former Royal Protection Sergeant and highly trained. He also emphasized the support structure Harry would have, even if he didn't have armed protection.

Davies He mentioned the role of RAVEC (Royalties and VIP Executive Committee) in ensuring Harry was protected during his visit. “RAVEC will continue to ensure the Duke is protected and will not leave him exposed,” he said, highlighting measures taken to protect Harry during his stay in the UK. He also noted that Harry was protected during his visit to the United Kingdom since 2020, stressing the continued commitment to his safety.

Regarding the intelligence and decision-making process behind Harry's protection, Davies expressed confidence in the accuracy of the assessments. He stressed: “They supported him, the government supported him, and the Ministry of Interior supported him.” He highlighted the impersonal nature of security measures, highlighting the professional assessment of need and intelligence that justifies protection.

Harry's visit to the United Kingdom is supported by the government and the Home Office

In light of these confirmations, it is clear that Prince Harry is firm in his decision to personally attend the Invictus Games celebrations. Despite previous fears and speculation, their determination to attend this important event remains steadfast.

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This reaffirms Prince Harry's commitment to the Invictus Games and his desire to personally participate in the celebrations. Their dedication to honoring and supporting the achievements of wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans through the Invictus Games is evident in their determination to overcome any potential obstacles to their visit.

In conclusion, Prince Harry's upcoming visit to the UK to attend the Invictus Games is a testament to his unwavering support for the event and its participants. Despite safety concerns, their determination to attend underscores their dedication to this important cause.

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