Linking science to the productive social sector in the region CCT

The conference brought together specialists and links from the Institute of Biodiversity and Biotechnology Research (INBIOTEC – CONICET), the Innovation Institute for Agricultural Production and Sustainable Development (IPADS, INTA-CONICET) and the National University of Mar del Plata (UNMDP), and, with officials from the Municipality of the Public Puyridón Party and entrepreneurs Businessmen, investors and local agricultural producers.

The meeting was organized through twelve lectures in which speakers from different sectors addressed a variety of topics: “Microalgae cultivation platforms, carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and fertilizers” by Leonardo Coratti (INBIOTEC), and “Algal biomass for animal production” by Leonardo Coratti (INBIOTEC), “Algal biomass for animal production” by Mauro do Nascimento (INBIOTEC), “Multispecies vaccines: from laboratory to field (and back)” by Luciana Bagnosat (INBIOTEC), link lines available in IPADS by Eduardo Mondino (IPADS), “From Science to Startups” by Juan Carlos Soria (SF500), “Comparative Platforms for Agricultural Production Systems” by Leandro Pontaroli of Chacra Experimental Miramar), “Demand for Bio-Inputs for Agroecological Production” by Sebastian Baggi (Cooperative Agro-ecological producers of the Public Party Pueridón), “Microbial bioinsecticides for mosquito control” by Corinna Perón (INBIOTEC), “Arboreal mycorrhizal fungal vaccines” by Fernanda Kovacevic (INBIOTEC), “Composition of biofertilizers and use of mineral nanoparticles in agriculture” by Fabiana Consolo (INBIOTEC) and the message presented by Maximiliano Racciat, CEO of lMRC International Group. Finally, Adrian Caricart, Technology Liaison of CONICET Mar del Plata, guided attendees on the harnesses.

These meetings are characterized by their relational, informational and formative characteristics, because they illustrate the supply and demand for knowledge and specific developments of the local science and technology system essential for the social and economic growth of the region.

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Fernanda Kovacevic, researcher at INBIOTEC, noted: “The balance of the day was very positive and matched the most optimistic expectations of the institute’s organizers. Vacant areas for various aspects of domestic demand that are only partially covered by the science and technology system were identified, and institutional strategies to address the situation began to be conceptualized.

Moreover, the researcher noted that: “From CONICET Mar del Plata, technological linkages have provided an update of the tools available to direct different types of transport activities and have made themselves available to facilitate technological linkages.”

Finally, Kovacevic concluded, “It was agreed to deepen the talks at specific working tables to advance the identification and/or strengthening of strategic alliances, within the framework of existing institutional instruments.”

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