Edge confirms that last night he played his last fight in Canada

By Sebastian Martinez On 08/19/2023

Adam Joseph Copeland, better known as edge In WWE, he played the final match of his current WWE contract last night. Edge faced Sheamus in the main event of Friday Night SmackDown and earned the victory by a count of three after applying Spear.

The live show ended with Edge and Sheamus embracing in the center of the ring, but the scene didn’t end at that point. Edge took the microphone and addressed the Toronto crowd, Stressing that this was his last battle in front of this crowd, presumably referring to the Canadian audience. Edge pointed out that when he gets older, he will definitely remember that moment.

“What I can say is that this is my last battle in front of all of you. I don’t think I can do another full round to get here again to fight.. I’m just being honest with you guys but don’t let this be a bad thing because man what an experience you guys have given me. I will never forget her. never. When I’m 84 and don’t remember much, I’ll definitely remember this one. Thanks”.

These words caused a sensation on social networks, especially to people who thought he was fighting the last fight of his career. Edge allegedly addressed the public in Canada, his home country, because he always expressed his desire to retire “at home”. His environment ensured that Edge was convinced that SummerSlam would take place this year in Canada and that this would be a good place to say a lasting goodbye.

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As for his future with WWE, it is unknown when the current deal will expire. Edge has fulfilled the agreed-upon fights with the company, but it’s possible that his contract will be extended in some way. Many have also indicated that Edge may appear next week on AEW All IN: London and reunite with Christian. It is unlikely that this will happen, but in the world of professional wrestling, nothing is impossible.

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