She was walking through the streets of a neighborhood in the United States and what she found in the trash left her speechless

Nuria Calvo, a popular Spanish influencer who along with her partner created the SN Challenge YouTube channel, moved to the United States some time ago and uses her social media to detail her experiences in the country. In a recent video, He showed the garbage that many people throw on the street and surprised all his followers with a strange discovery.

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Via his Tik Tok account @nurycalvosnShow that someone dumped an old car. “They couldn't have gotten away with this. I don't believe it, I don't believe it. Maybe the car is broken down and he doesn't want to fix it.. He gave it to him to throw away. Keys. There is nobody here. “There is no one,” he stressed.

The influencer surprised her followers with the amount of things her neighbors threw in the trash. (Video: TikTok/@nurycalvosn)

then, It showed that people left near the trash bins a large refrigerator, two multi-inch televisions, a couch, nearly unused printers, a wine cellar, a giant basketball hoop and a deep fryer, among other items..

At the end of section NUriah was responsible for explaining that if no one takes these items, they will end up in landfills. The post achieved thousands of views, likes and comments in just a few hours. In fact, many users expressed their surprise when they saw a variety of devices in good condition that Americans threw on the streets.

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You can move in and furnish your home in less than one week“,” I will devote myself to collecting everything and selling it, because everything is new “,” I can't believe it. I know it's real…but I don't even throw it, no matter how much a millionaire I am,” “I love these videos because I am amazed at what they throw in the USA,” were some of the messages.

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