“Supermoon” is the silent key to unlock the ship that was blocking the Suez Canal

The Ever Given, one of the largest ships in the world, was spotted after the successful campaign to unlock it

The Evergiven has kept the world in a state of suspense since Tuesday, March 23, when it ran aground in the Suez Canal as it was heading to the Mediterranean, after a maneuver under investigation that led to its collision with the right bank of the sea. The corridor that 10% of world trade passes through. Initially The canal authorities believed they could remove the ship within 48 hours, but they soon realized that the mission was more complicated.

To achieve the unlocking, which happened only the following Monday, it was not necessary for the engineers only to harmonize their plans, using tug boats and excavators. But he also needed another combination, which is a little expected: Moon, sun and earth.

After several days of maneuvers and failed plans, experts had hoped that the “giant moon” earlier in the week would help the maneuvers move the 200,000-ton 400-meter ship that disrupted international trade.

The "Super Moon Worm" It shone the night before the high tide helped unload the ship in the Suez Canal (Reuters / Darren Zemit Lobby)
The “Super Worm Moon” moon shone the night before the high tide that helped unload the ship in the Suez Canal (Reuters / Darren Zammit Lobby)

the key

Not many people know that The tides are high when there is a full moon or a new moon, which occurs when the moon is in direct alignment with the sun and the earth. This causes a greater gravitational force on Earth. As a result, the height of the tides are still higher and the tides are low. It is known to many as a spring tide and occurs twice a month.

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this time, The effect was amplified with the first giant moon of the year, thanks to the fact that it coincided with the closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit. Super moons occur several times a year, and this is known in particular as a “worm moon.”

Several international media outlets have highlighted the help of the moon and high tides as keys to the success of the operation. “The full moon caused the high tide to rise, which helped the ship to drift, first from the stern and then from the bow,” EFE said. According to the Washington Post, a full moon has led to The highest tide in the month.

Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, announced, on Monday, the “success of the maneuver” to open the ship that ran aground last Tuesday. Dutch company Boskalis, which was hired to assist with the process, said in a statement: “We got it!” The country’s president, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, said in a statement, on Monday, that “the Egyptians managed to end the crisis today.” Without the pomp of those opening phrases, three of the major players in the achievement have continued their routine rotations in the solar system.

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