Shuts down a foreign business that threatened to kill a young Eucatican

Merida. – After he got viral Canadian woman assaulted Towards a minor, the authorities closed the business of the foreigner, located in Paseo de Montego.

The youngest, between 16 and 17, was helping out with her mom’s art gallery when Don S. , Of Canadian descent, and I used the young lady.

Cause of discomfort

Presumably, the woman was upset because in recent days the gallery owners had asked her to move several tables that were theirs and were in front of the building. In response, the woman began threatening and verbally assaulting the minor, telling her, “If you mess with me and my company, you are dead.” Then she hit her with the glass later.

Death threats

Frightened by the attack, the young woman cried for help while al-Kindy threatened to kill her and bury her in the garden. After the attackThe mother of the minor filed a complaint Hundreds of users demanded justice and deportation of the foreigner.

The building is closed

A number of people went to the scene to hold a demonstration until the authorities closed the place shortly after 4 pm, without knowing the reasons.

They seek justice

Both Eucatian residents and foreigners demand justice. This is the case for an American couple who reported supporting the injured minor, as a friend of their daughter in Yucatan claimed that he was a victim of abuse by the same woman.

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