This is the average human day according to science: Do you agree or is your life better?

If you think you don’t have free time to enjoy spending leisure time, this study will open your eyes.

You may be doing dozens and dozens of things throughout the day, but in the end it all comes down to eating, sleeping, working and studying, with very little time to work. emptiness.

And if you have complained that you are not there time Free 24 hours a day, the fact is that researchers from McGill University in Canada has indicated That the average normal day for 60% of humanity is of little variety. Maybe we are all very similar.

Specifically, they assert that humans devote an average of 6.5 hours day For entertainment such as going out with friends, watching TV, playing console, socializing or playing sports, among others. next to, We devote an average of 2.6 hours a day to work; 2.5 hours to clean and about 9 hours to sleep.

You might see a little bit of meaning in some data like work, but that takes into account 60% of the population, i.e. not everyone has a job and not all countries work the same hours, for example.

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investigation with “biased results”

To come to this conclusion, experts put together several national surveys to determine what a typical day looks like for 60% of the world’s population.

However, the teacher galbraith He explains that some results may be biased by the inclusion of children, the socioeconomic difference between different countries, and the fact that many countries not included in the study are missing.

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For example, he adds, some African and Middle Eastern countries were excluded from the study primarily due to a lack of data.

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