Netflix is ​​breathing again: its joint account strategy is starting to pay out

Netflix has had a somewhat complicated and controversial year. Since the beginning of 2023 he announced that Subscribers will no longer be able to share an accountSomething that has been done since the platform arrived without any problem, as its data has not stopped crashing. After a campaign titled #AdiósNetflix, this was recorded More than a million users of the platform in Spain have abandoned it.

However, after half a year, Netflix can breathe easy again. after you try it Many of the users who shared an account made their own or paid extra to share the password, and the data is finally getting better and the platform is in good shape again.

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Good news in a terrible year

The good news for Netflix comes from diverse. The web portal collects data from Antenna, a company that investigates data from large platforms and surveys their users. And despite the fact that it seems like an illusion, he makes it clear in his latest investigation Netflix, after a long period of decline, is starting to score positively in the US.

In the United States they implemented this policy only two weeks agofar behind other countries such as Spain, but Netflix has since recorded the highest number of users since January 2019. Specifically, The platform received an average of 73,000 new sign-ups between May 25th and 28thAn increase of 102% compared to previous dates.

That way, other than the subscribers you may have lost along the way, Netflix showed it His policy works (at least in the US) And this, for now, strategy can be profitable. The numbers are not circumstantial. In fact, it has received more subscriptions than it did during the COVID quarantine, which is a record to watch.

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