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The real Marta from the series “Stuffed Reindeer” tells her truth in an interview: when and where to see her

Fiona Harveythe woman who claims to be the person on whom the character Marta from the Netflix series is based My stuffed reindeerHe will give his first interview this week to tell his “truth”.

This “global exclusive” was announced on social networks by Piers Morgan He arrived hours later Benjamin Kinga Netflix spokesperson, at a UK Parliament hearing focused on British film and TV projects, in which he explained to lawmakers that Netflix and producers Take “all reasonable precautions” To hide the identity of the people who inspired Richard Judd’s work.

King also said that while precautions were taken, “we didn’t want to anonymize it or make it public to the point where it wasn’t their story because that would undermine the intent behind the show.”

“As a last resort, Obviously, it is very difficult to control what spectators do; Especially in a world where everything is amplified through social networks. “Personally, I would not feel comfortable in a world where we decided it was better to silence Richard and not let him tell the story.”

Despite this and the series creator’s requests to stop speculation and keep the characters in the fantasy world, Piers Morgan decided to reveal the identity of the woman who claims to be Jad’s real stalker.

“Fiona Harvey wants to give her opinion and set the record straight,” Morgan wrote in a post on Twitter/X, along with a photo of her and Harvey on the set of the show. Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The post went viral and sparked various reactions, including those who were skeptical Moral responsibility Taking advantage of someone who may be suffering from mental illness for personal gain.

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The hit Netflix limited series was created by the Scottish comedian and stars Richard Judd WAccording to him, it was inspired by a traumatic incident of harassment that he was a victim of for six years.

Since Gad relied on his personal experience to write the series, journalists and amateur Internet sleuths have tried to locate the real people hiding behind the fictional characters.

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The focus was on two characters in particular: Marthathe stalker played by Jessica Gunning, and Darrenthe mentor who drugged and sexually assaulted Gad, played by Tom Goodman Hill.

Gad claims that Marta sent him more than 41,000 emails, 744 tweets, 100 pages of messages, and 350 hours of voicemail messages. “It was tough and it seemed like it was everywhere, and I felt like my life wasn’t going well. I kept having this amazing feeling I feel sorry for herhe said during a Television Academy panel in Los Angeles.

“I never thought of her as a villain in my story,” she said. “I saw someone lost in the system, someone who needed help and wasn’t getting it.”

Where can you see the interview?

Fiona Harvey interview in Piers Morgan Uncensored It can be watched for free on the program’s official YouTube channel, on Thursday, May 9, starting at 9 pm Peninsula time.

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