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ATE is concerned about the “hollowing out” of science and technology

Association of State Workers (ATE) Yesterday, the Governor of Cordoba expressed to the regional government the concern of state governments about “The brutal hollowing out experienced by the defense scientific, technological and industrial organizations, due to the applied budgetary tourniquet” Government Javier Mileywhich “It is accompanied by layoffs, early retirement and voluntary retirement, which leads to a reduction in the number of specialized employees in these areas of the country.”.

On the evening, a delegation from the union attended, consisting of the union’s secretary. Jorge Chalob; His counterpart in the field of human rights, Cesar Theo; political work, Alejandra made me crazy; and organization, Javier BracamonteHe was received by the Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation, Pedro Delarosa Secretary of Science and Technology, Gabriel Raya Tonetti.

During that session, ATE also stated that “the lack of a development plan and the continuity of the projects that were in progress represented a serious risk to the productive system of Córdoba, given the implication that the economic, industrial and technological ecosystem of the state is in the province with the rest of the productive systems.”

At the end of the meeting, Theo summarized what was discussed by noting that Minister Delarosa took upon himself the commitment of the Cordoba government to “save all scientific and technological institutions, and provide the necessary resources to sustain research in Cordoba.” “They say they will help provide funds to the National University, Conicet and those sectors whose operations are at risk. He also promoted official investments in the Ferreira Institute.”

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