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A new Netflix change is causing subscribers to cancel their plans in some countries

Decision from Netflix About its subscription plans cause multiple criticisms in some countries around the world.

Generally, subscribers in both the UK and Canada will be affected Canceling the basic plan without ads, and having to use a cheaper plan that includes commercials.

“A mass email to customers made clear that Netflix would be terminating its operation Basic subscription without advertising In the UK and Canada later this year. UK Metro.

In this case, affected users will pass “Automatically” to the lowest subscription level owned by the company, which includes: Advertising advertisements included in series and films.

For example, the basic ad-free plan costs subscribers £7.99 (about $10) in the UK, and they are now relegated to an ad-supported plan that costs £4.99 (just over $6). The only catch is that if the quality was 720p previously, it will now go up to 1080p. That is, they will have full HD streaming.

Due to this adjustment, subscribers from those affected countries who want to keep their viewing without commercials will have to choose a standard plan that costs £10.99 per month (roughly $14).

“It’s a stupid decision, because I will simply cancel any service that charges excessive fees or forces ads to show,” he noted, for example: “I signed up for streaming services to avoid the damn ads and I was very loyal, especially to Netflix, which had no choices in The early years are special in every way.” Twitter user Who questioned the measure that began to be announced last April.

“People don’t like ads. That’s why I stopped watching YouTube. That’s why I canceled Prime Video. That’s why I’m canceling Netflix soon. Find a better way to sell products,” he added. Another user.

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Currently, this measure only affects the countries mentioned, but Netflix typically reviews these types of measures in a limited way before implementing changes worldwide. For example, this is what happened when countries like Chile served as a guinea pig to test restrictions on account sharing.

In Chile and other Latin American countries, advertising plans have not been implemented at the moment. The basic 720p ad-free plan, which has been removed in the UK and Canada, costs $6,540 per month.

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