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Google has announced new features to enhance the security of Android devices

he Android operating system You will receive modifications that will provide Greater security For its users on mobile devices in cases of theft, through the functions that were presented this Wednesday on the second day of the event for Google developers.

While some of the announced features will arrive exclusively on Android 15, others will be available in previous versions of the system.

One of the tools coming to Android will be able to do this Detects sudden movements to automatically lock the screen if the device is stolen. The function is designed to prevent a criminal trying to escape with someone else’s phone from accessing their information if it is unlocked at the time of the theft.

Android will do the same when it detects too many unsuccessful unlock attempts, and Android will Auto-lock will be activated when it detects that the phone has been disconnected network for a long time.

Google also showed off a new way to remotely lock Android phones that will work through the website. To activate it, you will have to enter the phone number associated with the device and answer a security question.

All of these features will be available on devices running Android 10 or higher and will be released later this year.

Additional protection in Android 15

the Privacy protection It was one of the points that Google particularly focused on during the event. When it comes to Android 15, the company has made the “Private Space” feature official. Through this tool, users will be able to Hide sensitive apps Under a separate section of your phones to restrict access.

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Pulling down the list of apps and sliding down will take you to a pop-up window that will ask you for your biometric identification method or PIN. But the restriction will not only block access to these apps, but will also isolate your data and notifications.

Private Space can now be tested in Android 15 beta 2.

Android 15 is the latest available version of Google’s mobile operating system.

Another security feature that will debut in Android 15 is Factory reset protection. The software will not allow the device to be reset – which is almost always done on stolen devices – if the access credentials for the phone or the Google account associated with it are not entered.

On the other hand, an additional layer of protection has been created for key functions such as deactivating the screen lock or disabling Find My Device – an application for tracking and erasing information on the phone. These types of actions will also require authentication using a PIN, pattern, or biometric data.

The same thing will happen when you want to change important cell phone security settings or Google account from an unknown location.

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