Prince William had an adorable gesture with his sweetheart that left everyone in shock

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he Prince Guillermo He has no problem getting all the covers for his actions, although he is the flip side of the princes coin, if we analyze the behavior of Harry, who has earned the hatred of the royal house for his revelations in his latest book. Without having to act with a microphone in front of him, the eldest son of King Carlos III surprised the entire United Kingdom and the entire world.

Buckingham Palace once again captured the attention of all of Europe with the news of her husband’s infidelity The eldest son of Lady Diana. Last week, the name Rose Hanbury became popular and now what gave it to her has been found out Prince Guillermo to your lover on Valentine’s Day.

he Prince Guillermo Involved in controversy over a lavish gift for Rose. (Twitter)

The luxury gift everyone is talking about that Kate Middleton doesn’t want to know about has left everyone in shock. They confirmed that the romantic evening that took place the day after the British throne on Valentine’s Day was not with his wife and he had a wonderful dinner with Rose. There they were going to eat Italian pasta, and then he took it upon himself to give his beloved an expensive pearl necklace.

The most surprising thing might not be the gift but the close relationship found in this love triangle that had apparently been hidden for years. Rose Hanbury is a very close friend of Kate’s, so the scandal is even worse in this situation. he Prince Guillermo He is in the eye of the storm and does not know how to escape. The informant of this fancy gift was none other than the waiter at the restaurant they went to in London for Valentine’s Day dinner.

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Rose Hanbury puts the man in a quandary Prince Guillermo. (Twitter)

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he Prince Guillermo He doesn’t have many ways out of this problem that was leaked to the press two hours ago. Kate herself had earlier declared, for her worst fortune, that he was no longer interested in bringing her surprises and some gifts. According to him daily Mailthe princess was going to assure the florist that she would definitely not give her flowers on February 14th.

Said and done, apparently, there was no gift for his wife and attention Prince Guillermo That night, Rose takes her away. It doesn’t seem like the relationship is broken or at least that’s what he and Kate Middleton show when they meet in public at an event. A clear example of this is the viral video in which she grabs her husband’s butt as she enters the BAFTA Awards.

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