7 Netflix reality shows that show traditional TV is dead

Didn’t they say that pulpits? flow Have they completely moved away from traditional television? While it is true that consumption has changed, what has hardly changed is the format. We continue to watch movies, series and reality shows on streaming platforms. flow how Netflixcontent that we also find on the classic TV that our grandmothers continue to watch.

Focus on Netflix reality showsThe application contains a large number of original programs that demonstrate the advantages it has flow to this format. Consume anytime, however you want, without being bound by a schedule; Castings that are more robust and open to surprises; Innovative topics

Reality TV is in its golden age and these seven facts from Netflix are a good guide. Although it has been heavily criticized by both experts and viewers, the reality show is bringing a huge audience to social media platforms. flow Like television networks. The novelty and the possibility of presenting real situations without any kind of text captivates us. Have you watched these Netflix reality shows yet?


Maybe it’s for the best reality Displays to NetflixHe is also one of the first to land on the platform. Big Brother with an interesting twist: The contestants do not interact physically; They do this through a social network in which they establish conversations, alliances, friendships… and in which they make enemies.. It has been adapted to other countries such as France or Brazil, but the American version is the one that works best.


He plays with fire

In Spain we have Island of temptations; In the United States they have Playing with Fire (“Too Hot to Handle”)a reality Provided by a virtual assistant called wool Who regulates what happens on a vacation full of parties and love? A group of adults live together for four weeks, and pass certain tests…but any sexual activity, with themselves or someone else, is forbidden!

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Strange eye

this reality Its target audience is a much more LGTBIQ+ group. It’s about a Reboot From the 2003 show Championship Five LGBTIQ+ men who should advise a straight man to improve his lifestyle and love himself.

Strange eyeStrange eye

Love bail

Netflix Can’t be done with Island of temptationsso he decided to film his own “version” on the form Love baila reality show presented by him Monica Naranjo (Like the first season of Telesenko) whose work is very similar to: Six couples must live together and avoid falling into the temptations of lying. The device will determine whether you are lying or telling the truth, and the couple who lies least throughout the episodes will win.

Love bailLove bail

Is it a cake?

You like it Chef? Then you will love it Is It a Cake?, a reality show on Netflix that aims to create very realistic cakesWith which it is impossible to know the truth about the sweets. To do this, each season features the best pastry chefs in the United States. At least for me, one of the most enjoyable formats of reality TV Netflix.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

It’s one of the longest-running reality shows on the list, but there’s a catch. Its latest seasons are available abroad Netflixon the platform flow property of their producers. However, the best classes are the ones in which you are NetflixSo go on an adventure to find the best Queen of dragons. lhave Spin-offs In many countries, such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and Mexico.

RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag Race

I’m Georgina

Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the most famous football players in the world, but his wife is Spanish Georgina Rodriguez, not far behind. Through this reality show, you will get to know the most hidden side of the influencer and model who decided to open her channel, like never before. Perfect reality show to see what it’s like for rich people to live and die of envy, right?

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