Netflix is ​​adding 5 premieres for this weekend

Netflix It adds five premieres to the network that include films and series. Among them are a British production and a Peruvian one. It’s also a movie to watch with family and a reality show that has been making up couples for five seasons.

We’re sharing trailers and recaps so you can add some premieres to your weekend list.

1- The Desirable Single 2 (film)

Her two best friends have bright futures, but Maria is uninspired and has to hand in a book she can’t write. Starring Gisela Ponce de Leon, Jilly Ritejoy, Karina Jordan and others. Directed by Joanna Lombardi. From for each.

2- The Accused (film)

When a young man is wrongly accused of a horrific crime on social media, a group of violent vigilantes invade his home and force him to fight for his life. Starring Chanel Collar, Ruby O’Neill, Lauren Agofo. Directed by Philip Barantini. British thriller film.

3- Love is blind (reality)

Starting September 22, new episodes of Love is Blind will be released every Friday until the ten episodes that follow the participants in their search for true love are complete. A group of singles looking to fall in love with their personality rather than their looks agree to try an unusual and modern approach: choosing the person they will marry without ever meeting them before. Over the course of several weeks, newly engaged couples will move in together, plan their weddings, and discover if their physical connection is as amazing as the emotional connection they developed in the cabins. Creator and Executive Producer: Chris Cullen. Presenters: Vanessa and Nick Lachey. Location: Houston, Texas (USA).

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4- Bandit Song (series)

Korean rebels and Japanese money in Chinese territory in the 1920s, this thriller tells the story of bandits who are willing to do anything to protect their lands and loved ones in the chaotic region of Gando.

5- Minispace: Armageddon

Unbeknownst to them, the children of the world’s best secret agents help a powerful video game developer unleash a computer virus that gives him control of all technology. Now, they must become spies to save their parents and the world.

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