A new hypothesis about the mysterious flashes of light on Venus that has baffled scientists

A study conducted by researchers at Arizona State University in the United States concluded, after examining the data, The flashes of light that occur on Venus could be meteorites And not x-rays as was thought.

In the past, scientists believed that Venus shines because… Clouds are made of sulfuric acidIt is necessary for lightning to occur on Earth, rather than consisting mainly of water vapor. But NASA’s Cassini probe “failed to find radio signals from the lightning,” according to an article published on the specialized website Geophysical Research: Planets.

The studio also believed that views of Venus were clouded by depictions of the planet in art that used lightning to emphasize the intense surroundings: “Artists depicting Venus’ atmosphere like to include lightning to emphasize its hellish surroundings,” the study says.

New analyzes conducted by the researchers indicated that the energy level that was recorded was related to it Many small meteorites enter the planet’s atmosphere.

Hence, flashes of light are caused by Meteorites that burn up when they reach Earth at a temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit“We estimate that smaller, more numerous meteorites could be what caused the observed flashes. Small meteorites burn at altitudes of about 100 kilometers, about twice the height of the clouds above the surface.”

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