UK says ‘lack of high-level training’ contributes to Russia’s ‘difficulties’

British intelligence services said on Thursday that a “lack of high-level training” within the Russian military is contributing to the “difficulties” Moscow faces in its “complex attacks” as part of the invasion from Ukraine. “The lack of this training is very likely to contribute to the difficulties Russia faces in successfully carrying out complex attacks (in Ukraine),” they said, according to a statement by the British Ministry of Defense on its account on the social media network Twitter. They pointed out that today marks one year since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the “partial mobilization,” which included the call-up of about 300,000 Russian reserve soldiers. They stressed that “on September 15, 2023, the Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Russian State Duma and former General Andrei Kartapolov confirmed that mobilized personnel are obliged to serve for the duration of the ‘special military operation.’” In this sense, they highlighted that “in a new recognition of the difficult situation on Front, Kartapolov also said that it was not possible for personnel to rotate outside the area of ​​operations during their service. They stressed that the absence of regular rotations for units outside combat duty is perhaps one of the most important factors contributing to low Russian morale and the failure of the Russian army to conduct high-level training. level since the invasion.

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