Neighbors denounce the abandonment of the Rambla Catalunya and the Costa Alta

They presented a project to revitalize this sector of the northern region with more security and a gastronomic and cultural belt

Neighbors from the north of the city who live in the La Florida region denounced the abandonment of the Rambla Catalunya and the Costa Alta, and worked on a project aimed at creating better conditions for safety, recreation, transit, cultural and gastronomic development and the economy. The area that was presented to the board.

Marcelo Carrasco, the head of the La Florida neighborhood, explained that there are a series of problems on the Rambla sector. in principle, “Abandoned, with broken sidewalks and unpainted bike lanes.”. The same is true of the track behind Florida Pays. He even mentioned that the bike path on the sidewalk makes it difficult to travel on weekends due to the number of people commuting.

Meanwhile, he indicated that Lack of police presence and surveillance agents in the winter. “In the summer, you can see how the area has become saturated and the crime reduced in that place. But now it’s only on Sundays, and people who use the coast to exercise, walk, relax and drink, feel a little unsafe and don’t want to go during the week.” In this context, he said, the municipality should control the youth groups that meet there at night on weekends.

Regarding the bars on the coast, he lamented the closures that had taken place, and highlighted those that remain open all year round, even providing restrooms for neighbours, given the reduced hours of public bathrooms. But the two most used are just that. On the way down Gallo is the building where Señor Arinero was, which today is in poor use. We have the idea of ​​creating a cultural center like the one in Parque AlemThis is free for the neighbor and where the events are held.

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On the other hand, in the pedigree due to the continuity of Ricardo Nunez there A closed deserted view today, which they understand, can be used for various activitiesLike fairs or cooperatives. “Despite the fact that they painted it, the staircase is dangerous because it lacks lighting and building arrangements. In addition, there are irregularities such as unprotected drains near the entrance to La Florida and on other slopes that lack gutters and can cause accidents.”


Jessica Cantarotti is president of the Florida Norte neighborhood, which works in conjunction with other organizations in the North. In addition to escorting the order along the Rambla, he raised it as a continuity An improvement in the Costa Alta, which is located in your jurisdiction. “We understand that for a city it is a very nice area to offer from a tourist point of view, but this is sometimes and especially at this time of low season due to the cold, There is less movement and it is a bit more abandoned. Whoever wants to get close cannot do so, because it is a pitchfork.”

asked to that effect Greater presence of control agents on the Paseo del Caminante, fixing an elevator that has been hanging for too long, and incorporating more lighting And replace up to Cabecera Park. In this sense, he said that they are preparing a project to improve the conditions of the region for all seasons of the year, not just for the summer, and to encourage the existence of new projects that would restore life to what it was until a few years ago. years ago.

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We want to decentralize the leisure and entertainment spaces. That we don’t all have to go to the same places, we can also find fun in our neighborhoods for reasons of safety, proximity, and convenience. A generation of continuity towards the north with a gastronomic and cultural pole And it will not only explode in the summer, but it will also help the sector economically.”

in that vision, The increased presence of people and lights discourages criminal actions and creates safer environmentsSince today, when it falls in the afternoon, it becomes dangerous to walk in this sector. But the state is also missing: “In addition to the police, we also need a surveillance presence to deter any slight situation. And that there are more services, enhances the frequency of buses that do not circulate below except in summer. With Línea de la Coast. Few go inland et al via Rondeau,”

In the Council

Within this framework, Chancellor Lisandro Cavatorta (PJ) presented last week at the Palacio Vassallo Project to restore the Rambla Catalunya, with a plan to improve the public beach and build an amphitheater, which will be followed by a complementary one on the Costa Alta. Plan thinking too Establishing a stable detachment for the municipality’s control areasthe inclusion of a park and sidewalk with a viewpoint, the implementation of the National Ministry of Transport’s safe stopping program and the complete renovation of the bike path, among other measures.

“This is a project that seeks to restore that look to city planning that we knew how to get. We want it to be La Florida and La Rambla again. This is a place where you can go with your family to enjoy the beach and the river, and at the same time feel safe and taken care of. It is an area with unique potential, and we have to restore it, not only to come and spend quality time with our loved ones, but also to generate jobs and income through tourism, culture and gastronomy.”

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In this sense, he asserted, “like most neighborhoods and parks in the city,” The region is no longer a priority for the current administration. After six in the evening, it’s sad to pass by. She is seen deserted, lifeless, with places closed off and no people around. Cavatorta noted that we urgently have to put in place an exclusive investment plan for our company Rambla Catalunya, so that people can enjoy it, with services, security and infrastructure commensurate with the place it once was.

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