The workers confirmed the presence of gold under the pavement, and the neighbors destroyed the street with shovels

A crew of workers who were carrying out a sewage project spread a rumor that they had found gold under the sidewalk, causing neighbors to go mad to get their hands on the precious metal. who ended up destroying the street with shovels.

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The unusual event took place in the city of Zaragoza, 250 kilometers north of Medellin, in Colombia, where Thousands of people began smashing the streets and sidewalks after versions were made that hundreds of kilograms of gold were buried there..

In the midst of improvement workCanal and sewer master planCommissioned by the local municipality, rumors began to spread that there was gold, After seeing the workers ‘remove the earth’ without being very clear about the goal of the intervention“.

in the face of mad neighbours, Assured that they “do not have much to do,” the municipal authorities let people run wild in the streets And he dug, until he realized it was him False news Once he gives in, crews can resume sanitation work.

People destroy work already done

But the problem is there Invading neighbors destroys what has already been improved in the canal and sewerSo the task ahead will be even bigger once this gold rush is over.

The group who complained bitterly about what was happening were the merchants in the areawho see their sales plummet due to the impossibility of navigating areas where neighbors are still searching for the precious metal.

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A rumor has unleashed madness in a Colombian city.

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