Route 66: What Google Doodles Mean Today

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Today when you opened your Google browser, you definitely realized that something was different, because this timeThe American company decided to modify its doodle to honor the creation of Route 66A famous road that crosses most parts of the United States.

This Saturday, April 30th marks another year of the construction of Route 66. The famous highway was built in 1926 and is also known as “America’s Main Street”.

Route 66 has many stories to tell, including the passage of thousands of families in the 1930s, when the time was considered a “dust bowl” Due to the massive sandstorms that affected the Great Plains and caused the migration of at least 200,000 people to the western United States.

This highway connects Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. It is world famous for the vintage restaurants, quirky hotels, eclectic art installations, and the extraordinary landscapes that you can find when you cross it.

In 1985, Route 66 was removed from official maps due to the arrival of five new interstate highways that came to replace it. Because of its historical importance, many organizations campaigned to conserve the highway, and so it has been preserved as a National Scenic Trail.

Cars praise this road

If you still do not understand the road we are talking about and you are a fan of animated films or Disney, then perhaps this will refresh your memory. Route 66 is that road where the city “radiator stems” from the auto movie.

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In the same way, The movie talks a little bit about why the road is so unimportant for travelers It shows problems that have left many attractions that still exist on it.

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