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What are the 10 most beautiful streets in the world?

These streets were chosen to be the most beautiful in the world

the Cities It is distinguished by what it consists of: Its streets. There are millions of them in the world, but some of them contain… Special beauty and charm Which is worth highlighting. From the magazine Condé Nast Traveler Recommended Places to see To walk through and admire.

They comment that walking “if done slowly and relaxed, without haste, becomes… Real fun“, and even more so if you wander in any of The 10 most beautiful streets contained in this list.

From the terraces on this street you can enjoy local cuisine and live music (istock)

Plaka is the most Picturesque and charming Greece, an oasis of timeless beauty in the heart of bustling Athens. Its narrow cobblestone streets invite you to take a peaceful stroll among the low-slung white houses decorated with colorful plants.

On every corner are small artisan shops and cozy bars with vine-covered terraces. There you can see the sunset and have dinner while listening Live music Which shows the traditions of the place.

This street is decorated with murals and street food stalls (Art Kowalski)

It got its name because this place housed Spanish military barracks In Italy. Over time it became one of the most popular neighborhoods in Naples due to its rich culture. Its history and customs can be seen through the churches and murals painted in its streets, many of which are dedicated to it Diego Armando Maradona Thanks to the wonderful time he spent with the city's football team, Napoli.

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The place's gastronomy perfectly showcases the Italian spirit, with a variety of street stalls selling food All kinds of pizza And other delicacies, such as a cone with fried fish, called kobo.

Colmar was the inspiration for the design of the city in Beauty and the Beast (Peter Schickert)

The French city of Colmar was declared The best European destinations in 2020 Due to a survey conducted by the Best European Destinations Foundation. Its charming Germanic Gothic style, which inspired the design of the town in the famous animated film beauty and the beastI secured this position for him.

On this street you can see old houses dating back to the Paleolithic era XIV century It represents the distinctive architecture of the French Renaissance.

A walk through this historic centre, which has been declared a protected area, is the closest thing to it A trip back in time To Colmar in the Middle Ages. Another characteristic of it is that it is part of a capital Wine road From the Alsace region, where tourists try high-quality wines.

In this narrow alley there are restaurants serving delicious Japanese cuisine (David Harding)

This alley represents it perfectly Tokyo traditions. Among the high-rise buildings and modern shopping malls, some narrow streets preserve Japanese culture in gastronomic establishments.

Shumbin Yokocho is one of them, decorated with typical illuminated signs and restaurants serving local food. Moreover, active Nightlife The city can be seen in its bars.

The architecture of the ancient city prevails within its walls (David Naughton)

The Colombian city of Cartagena has grown a lot as a city and as a tourist destination in recent years, but it still hosts Its essence and history On streets like Carrera 4.

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Within its walls the ancient and colorful architecture has been preserved, which today coexists with the most modern urban areas. One building in particular stands out on the Carrera 4: San Pedro Claver Church. Built between 1580 and 1654, it evolved with the city through expansions and modifications to its colonial-looking facade.

Trees create an enchanting landscape in the Andalusian city of Jerez (Sergi Reboredo)

The light is getting dim in this alley Covered by trees That grew on buildings. The natural green roof gives an unparalleled magical look to this place. By being pedestrianYou can explore it on foot and enjoy all its beauty.

In addition to its undeniable appeal, it is located in one of the headquarters of the González Byass winery, where you can Taste and buy delicious wine.

It is located 40 minutes from Shanghai and has canals similar to Venice (Hunter Place).

It is said that Marco Polo named this area after him “Venice of the East” Because of its beautiful canals surrounded by oriental-style houses. Can Navigate this street In the gondola to be able to contemplate all its magic reflected in the water.

This beautiful city is located just… 40 minutes From Shanghai, making it the perfect place to visit if you decide to travel to the most populated city in China.

The famous English Inn is located on this street in the heart of Rye

This street, which the main protagonist is Mermaid InnIt has a rich history. The inn still retains its original built-in cellars the twelfth centuryand its distinctive Tudor-style details, were added in The seventeenth century.

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From Condé Nast Traveler they say “This historic inn was Smugglers' shelter Which was hidden in this street that today preserves the essence of the English Middle Ages in each of its cobblestones. Which means that when you walk on this street, you are walking on the path of hundreds of influential people in the world. Middle Ages in England.

The streets are repainted blue every year to maintain their color (Getty)

The reason behind the light blue color of walls, stairs, windows and doors is not known with certainty. The only thing known is Interesting beauty Which radiates this street.

Walking through it provides a A unique viewing experienceIt's like walking along the bottom of a swimming pool. It is re-applied every year before the beginning of Ramadan, so that it does not lose its vibrant density.

This “street” is a staircase of 215 steps decorated with mosaics (Mark Green)

This street is characterized by its staircase. with 215 stepsIt represents a path decorated with mosaics, marble and life-giving colours Written messages On the walls and on the floor.

It was a sight for many Movies, series and music videos Because of its unique appeal. This long staircase starts in the Lapa neighborhood and ends at the top with the Church of Santa Teresa. Although traveling requires entirely physical effort, The views are unmissable.

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