If you are using Google Chrome, you will soon have to see this ad forcefully

Cookies have been with us almost since the beginning of the internet. Thanks to them, large internet companies can track us wherever we go, learn from us, collect information and then use that data, for example, Display personalized ads. However, cookies have become outdated and dangerous, and there are increasing legal issues with them. So, Google decided to take action on the matter and release their solution for Chrome: Privacy protection.

Google’s Privacy Sandbox is an alternative to classic Internet cookies that seeks to eliminate the tracking of individual users, choosing a type of tracking based on groups of users. In this way, the users’ personal information will not be used for commercial purposes, but the user will belong to one global group (or several groups), and will receive the corresponding offers through an identifier.

Although we’ve been listening to Google talk about this big change to the way the Internet works for some time, it wasn’t until recently that we finally got to know when cookies would stop working. And they will, without going any further, throughout the next yearIn 2024. At least in Google Chrome and other browsers based on it.

Thus, Google has already started notifying users of the change, stating that it is a Improved privacyEspecially when it comes to advertising. Thus, from Google Chrome 115, users will begin to see, forcibly, a new advertisement in which we will be told about all these changes.

This message will not appear all at once to all users, it will be displayed gradually, and it may take up to several months for 100% of Chrome users to see this message. And the most important thing is that We will not be able to ignore this message, but we will have to scroll through the advertisement to decide whether or not we want to activate this function. Until we do that, the browser will be blocked.

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And how does Chrome’s privacy sandbox work?

Instead of creating tracking cookies, this feature relies on Browsing history. After its activation, Chrome automatically analyzes our history, processes information and assigns us one or more groups based on our interests. In this way, based on these interests, it will show us a series of personalized ads, like the rest of the members of our group.

In addition, we will have a new ad settings section, which we can enter through the internal URL “chrome://settings/adPrivacy”. In this section we will find all the information about the ads that appear while browsing. The three options would be:

  • Advertising attributes: We will see the types of ads we see based on our web history.
  • Ads suggested by websites: Some websites can recommend Google to show us certain ads, and this will be the site where we will see them.
  • Advertising measurement: Allows us to choose whether or not we want websites and manufacturers to be able to see the impact of their advertisements on our browser.

New options for Chrome ads

Cookies are dead, but is the alternative any better? We think so.

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