Two more churches burned in Canada | The case of Catholic boarding schools forcibly recruiting indigenous children

in Canada, Two other churches were burnt down afterwards Finding Hundreds of unidentified graves Near an old catholic school for boys and girls in the original towns in the west of the country. Authorities are trying to determine whether the events are “related” to the fires at two other churches that occurred “on June 21 in Penticton and Oliver,” which occurred after two other churches were identified. Mass grave with remains of 215 Aboriginal children Also near this school.

The fires that broke out this weekend broke out about an hour apart in churches Santa Ana Based on ChewbaccaBoth are located in the lands of the indigenous peoples of British Columbia. “The two churches have been destroyed,” Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Jason Beda said in a statement.

It is believed that the events are related to the latter More than 750 unidentified graves have been found at the site of a former Catholic Church boarding school in Marival. Another similar event occurred weeks ago, when a mass grave with the remains of 215 indigenous boys and girls from Canada, was identified near another such school, illustrating the decades-old ordeal of the original childhood of this type of institution.

The authorities consider it Fires “suspicious” and They’re looking for “if they are associated with the June 21 churches in Penticton and Oliver”The sergeant said.

The discoveries of the tombs have reignited the trauma suffered by some 150,000 American Indian, Mestizo, and Inuit children who were taken from their families, language, and culture and forcibly recruited into 139 boarding schools across the country until the 1990s. Or sexual assault and more than 4,000 have died, according to the commission of inquiry that concluded Canada had committed “cultural genocide.”

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On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his country an apology, asking the Pope to do the same and did not rule out a criminal investigation. During a press conference, he again spoke about the “terrible mistakes” of Canada, which for several centuries has implemented a controversial policy of forced assimilation of indigenous peoples.

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