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Thousands of people came out to support Pedro Sanchez in Madrid Mass march to the headquarters of the Socialist Workers' Party; The Prime Minister will announce on Monday whether he will submit his resignation

Thousands of activists from socialist groups from all over Spain gathered on Saturday around the party headquarters in Madrid. To show their support for Spanish Prime Minister Pedro SanchezThis came after his decision to cancel his agenda for five days to think about his future as head of the executive authority.

The gathering coincided with the celebration of the formation of the Federal Committee, the highest body of the party between the congresses, which Sánchez did not attend, and whose goal was initially Approval of the list for the European elections on June 9Chaired by Third Vice President Teresa Ribera.

The committee became a support meeting for the Prime Minister, who last Wednesday sent, in a message to citizens, He intends to retire to think about whether it is worth continuing in his position After a court in Madrid accepted a complaint filed against his wife, Begonia Gomez, on charges of peddling influence.

The complainant is the far-right union “Manos Clénes”, whose general secretary, Miguel Bernad, is the self-declared secretary-general. He admitted shortly after that his actions were based on press informationWhoever publishes it will be responsible for its authenticity or not.

Political support

Upon his arrival at the Federal Reserve on Saturday, Some socialist leaders conveyed their support to the media Smoothly to Sanchez.

The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Cortes and Democratic Memory, Felix Bolaños, indicated that in the face of “the Cortes attack,” Progressives 'will demonstrate for clean democracy'.

“Today we are called here in Madrid to all democrats, to all progressives, against a limitless group which “The only thing he wants to do is overthrow a democratic and legitimate government like that of Pedro Sanchez.”He said.

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For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albarez, confirmed that the Socialists will reaffirm their adherence to their position. “Politics of progress” So that “Spain continues to think about the world” and “continues to lead Europe.”

“We will defend politics because politics is the basis of democracy,” he saidHe stressed “against media harassment, against political harassment, against defamation, against hoaxes.”

The answer is on the right

In the face of Socialist support for Sánchez, the conservative Popular Party launched the initiative on Saturday “In legitimate correspondence”Which calls on all citizens to respond to the Prime Minister’s message to convey the real problems that Spaniards face in their daily lives.

In addition to requesting citizens' cooperation via social networks, the PP provides an email address to send messages that the party will send to Sánchez as soon as they are collected, the formation he leads said. Alberto Nunez Viejo.

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