UNCo Dean of Medicine: 'If they want to do another audit, no problem'

The echoes continue to echo Huge college career April 23 across the country, known by locals and outsiders as the “first bullet” that hit the government. Javier Miley Since his inauguration. In this case, who provided details about the current situation at Kumahu National University in an interview with Neuquén.AR by 24/7 channel And AM550 He was dean School of medicineSylvia Avila.

The dean did not specify that the situation in the college wasVery complicated because the budget for operating expenses is not updated“Who left them On the verge of not being able to pay their bills. Avila compared the event to “This happens to anyone at home when their paychecks are frozen and prices riseWhen the budget was frozen, the head of the Faculty of Medicine also indicated that support for educational institutions would be lifted.

on 70% deposit (Only for operating expenses) provided by the national government The night before the university march To reduce the smoke, the dean explained that despite the presence of transportation, “Our inflation rate was close to 300%, so it was still short. Moreover, he pointed out that “Interest rates have risen much more than inflation“.

“Every Business is paralyzed“And that” the salaries were An increase between 8 and 10% Which was not jointly agreed upon and imposed by the government.” Based on this problem, he explained that they are witnessing the exodus of their teachers towards other jobs because the salaries are not competitive.

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“If they want to do another audit, no problem.”

Avila was consulted by Santiago Montorfano and Pablo Montanaro Neuquén.AR about this subject Audits Which the government of Javier Miley put on the agenda in response to the first voices calling for the cessation of funding in public universities:

“We have an internal audit that was agreed upon at the last meeting of the university. Transparency has always been important at the university. Officials are politically exposed: The Central Bank is reviewing the accounts of us and our first-degree relatives. Then we also have the AGN audit, which is responsible for the legislative branch. Everything is explained so that this can be done. If they want to do another audit, no problem.. “The important thing is to enhance operational expenses, and if someone makes a mistake they bear the consequences, but not to put a veil of doubt on us, or try to create doubt in society and as a result cut off our funding.”

Along the way, the dean admitted they were “excited and exhausted.” He appreciated the importance of “receiving community support.” Because every one of us feels I am proud that I was at a public universityIn addition, he said that in his case he had never left: “I have had general education since primary school and now as a teacher. The feeling of support for the work that we do, and the fact that we strive to continue to fulfill the dream of those who want to study, has been really very important.” ”

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Catch the full interview here:

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