Belén Esteban reveals uncertainty about her ‘reality’ on Netflix: ‘They’ll let us know’

Bethlehem Esteban (49) He was one of the protagonists of the third edition of La velada del año, organized by Ibay Llanos. The former collaborator of “Sálvame” was arriving at the Madrid Metropolitan Stadium and was greeted by the audience with a standing ovation, as if she were a star.

As on other occasions, the ex-partner of Jesulín de Ubrique has shared a large number of photos with celebrities on Instagram. The “People’s Princess” shared an evening with, among others, Quevedo, Rosario Flores, Lola Indigo, Fede, Estuba, Mario and Oscar Casas, Lola Lolita and Gerard Pique.

It was during the red carpet of “La velada del año”, when its presenters, Paula Gono and Victor Navarro, asked Bethlehem Esteban About his new TV project, “Reality” Netflix Produced by La Fábrica de la Tele and starring eight presenters and collaborators from ‘Save me’.

“You are going to the United States next week, right?” The red carpet presenter has moved on to Belén Esteban. “docureality” from Netflixstarring Belén Esteban, Kiko Hernandez, Lydia Lozano, Kiko Matamoros, Terrelo Campos, Victor Sandoval, Chilo García-Cortes and Maria Patiño, and will be recorded during the summer months in Spain, the United States and Latin America, where they will visit other TV shows in style ‘Save meAccording to some information, Miami and Mexico City will be some of the cities they will visit.

«Even if you don’t believe it, I don’t know when I’m leaving. They will notify us two or three days in advance, as alwaysBelén Esteban during the “Evening of the Year”. “I can’t speak, but I’m just telling you I’m so happy,” he snapped.

Belén Esteban, at Netflix Spain facilities


Former collaborator Drand “save me” Celebrated that video announcing its landing in Netflix It has become the most watched platform in our country. The fact is that the trailer for ‘Save meOn Netflix collects 8.5 million views on Twitter.

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