Miguel Angel Muñoz is MAM again!

Desires come true! And that was after the spectators asked eagerly Look at the jury for “The Dancer” before each show, Just like the UK version, it’s finally over! Lola Indigo (29)Rafa Mendes and Miguel Angel Muñoz (37) All three of them are designed together to unlock the semi-finals.

The dance began with the three jury members touching and walking between them to start their debut while the doors were opened from behind to make way for the contestants. A) Yes, Each of the captains did a choreography with their team’s dancers. Miguel Angel Muñoz with Guillem and Rosa, Teen, Alextopdancer, and Icónicas.

Lola Indigo with Aina, Jose I Duna, Macarena, D’oo wap group and finally Rafa Mendes with Charly Brown, Exon, Claudia, la utrerana and Fátima. Pure presentation!

Watching Miguel Angel Muñoz’s dance was not an isolated event for many who lived through a very important period of adolescence: yes, we are talking about it. The “UPA dance” phenomenon. And between the dances of Lola Indigo and Rafa Méndez, we have more opportunities to have fun daily but yeah, ladies, MAM is back! Nothing was left by the side of the road.

Since the end of his most famous streak of dancers at the time, Miguel Angel has focused more on other aspects such as the actor, leaving behind his role as a dancer. But come on, everyone has clearly kept a great job. (A tear of nostalgia is falling down).

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