“The House of Flowers, The Movie”: when and when to watch it on Netflix

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distance 33 episodes distributed over three seasons, plus two special chapters, a story The de la Mora family will end with House of Flowers, the movieWhat has been said will continue to be approving and at the same time controversial netflix series.

With a happy ending and without loose ends, the series Directed by Manolo Caro He said goodbye in his third, although at that time he left fans with a bittersweet taste and without knowing if there would be a new season.

What is the movie La Casa de las Flores?

Last April, the streaming platform released the trailer for the movie. In the, Elena (Aislinn Derbez), Julián (Dario Yazbek) and of course Paulina de la Mora (Cecilia Suárez), devised a plan to break into their old house and Restore an important hidden treasure.

cast House of Flowers: The Movie It was completed by Juan Pablo Medina, Ximena Sariniana, Paco Leon, Isabel Port, Luis de la Rosa, Thiago Correa, Emilio Quik, Javier Gatine and Norma Angelica.

In addition, she will have a special post from the former RBD member, Christian Chavez; And the effect Paco de Miguel; mexico bride Angelica Maria; Daughter of Omar Shaparo, Andrea; Singer Tessa aya And Natalia Juarez.

When and when do you see La Casa de las Flores, The Movie?

Feature Film flower house it will be Available on Netflix Wednesday, June 23. The movie will be released at midnight in the Pacific region of the United States, so In Mexico it can be seen from 2:00 in the morning.

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