Canada, the country most desirable to move to

  • A study revealed that the North American country is the preferred country in the world for stability and survival to live, while Spain ranks first among European countries

  • The list was compiled by Google’s tracking of words like ‘work in’ or ‘move to’ in 101 countries.

A study revealed that Canada is the preferred country to settle down and survive. The Top Pick list is compiled from Google searches for keywords like ‘go to’ or ‘work in’ in 101 countries around the world. The Coronavirus disease pandemic It made many people think of the possibility He moved to another country. “The year 2020 has undoubtedly been a year to think about, and it is not surprising to see that many people are looking for a change in the landscape,” said Santiago Perez, President of Southern Europe. moderately, The company that conducted the study.

Citizens even 30 countries They have considered moving to the North American country. Most interested are the Mexicans, French and Indians. Currently more than Million Indians Resides in Canadian territory, which is more than one 2.5% of the population sum. The American country has it Unemployment rate That does not reach 10% and is ranked sixth in the Global Peace Index.

In Asia it is a favorite JapanIt is a destination chosen by the Canadians and Americans as well as the Australians. Interested in Culture and gastronomy Japanese companies have grown in recent years, something he added to A high standard of living Japan has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world – and the jobs and scenery make it the best Second favorite country to start a new life.

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Favorite in Europe

Spain It ranks third on the list, among other reasons because it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe and due to good weather. It exceeds much of the Spanish territory The 2,500 hours of sunshine Year. In most European regions the figure does not reach 2000. In fact, five of the ten European cities with the brightest sunshine hours are Spanish. Even people 122 countries have it Interested in our country as an ideal destination for Stabilizes.

Latin Americans are the ones who would most likely move to Spain if they could move, and they are mainly attracted Language and culture. The same goes for Swedes, Finns, and Dutch who are attracted Because of the beaches, good temperatures and the low cost of living. In 2019 there was 20,000 Swedes He settled in Spain, mainly in Costa del Sol and Alicante.

In the case of the Spanish language, the study indicates that we were interested in it Moving to France. The Proximity For the country and the greater job offer makes it an attractive destination. The Brixi The difficulties of working in the UK today also contributed to France being ranked first.

Other destinations

About 20% of its population lives Germany Son Immigrants The Germanic state crept in between Four preferred countries To live. It was mainly chosen by people from Eastern Europe Based on Turkey. social communication Turkish German It is one of the most important places in Germany. Turkish immigration began in the early 1960s and today more than 3% of the population The German language is of Turkish origin.

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The High salaries And the No taxes They have laid Qatar In the last position Top Cinco. The country that will host the next FIFA World Cup is seen as A. New development land, Especially for your neighbors from Middle east. Saudis and Jordanians are betting on that Qatar as an ideal destination to settle down.

Although it is known as A country of opportunitiesAnd the United State Ninth places – a draw United kingdom-. It has been Citizens of Norway and Russians, Despite its location Historic rivalryIn the United States, who saw the possibility of existence New place of residence.

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