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UNNE: Medical graduates demand the handing over of diplomas

UNNE: Medical graduates demand the handing over of diplomas

They also denounced in a memo sent to the media that the university administration had no answers. The situation has been going on for months with our “stagnation” which is a public document stating that they need to be accommodated in different public hospitals in the country. They also talk about “revenge” against the dean of medicine and the president of UNNE.

In a text in the form of a memorandum, a group of graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of the North-East (UNNE) are demanding that they hand over their medical degrees in physical or digital formats.

They explain that it is a general document necessary to be able to stay in various hospitals in the country.

Notice of demand requesting publication on the media in Corrientes.

We need your help again, please!

After formal complaints were filed and the press heard our complaints, the process of delivering digital certificates became slower. Many students unexpectedly had to restart their certificate management, while other students stopped receiving their certificates for more than a month with no change or delivery date.

Currently, it has been 139 days since the vast majority of students, now former students, at the University of New England School of Medicine initiated our request to deliver the diploma, now digital, which promised to be delivered within 20 days. (Attached is a link to the UNNE memorandum which states the above:

It is worth noting that the college itself has deleted from social networks the post that mentioned the recent delivery of physical diplomas as a historical landmark, after more than 300 comments from university students and even professionals who graduated from this university said that this is considered disrespectful.

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Many of us are weeks away from taking our national residency exams, and we still cannot do final hospital registration because we do not have a registration or degree, which is an exclusive requirement in many national hospitals.

We have no official means of communication, if one goes to the university administration to submit the claim, it is stated that we must go to FMED students to do so, or we are asked for a tracking code that no student has, because it has It has never been sent to us from any sector of the Faculty of Medicine Or from the university president’s office.

Our claim is no longer just about our physical diploma, now, certainly due to the retaliation of the Dean of FMED, Dr. Bagno-Germain, or the Rector of UNNE, Dr. La Rosa Omar, our titles are stuck in the digital system where we do not. You don't have any answer.

Please we ask for help from everyone who reads us so that this does not continue in our college and in any other college at UNNE.

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