Man arrested carrying a large bull in the passenger seat

US police arrested a man named Lee Meyer on Wednesday for carrying a Watusi bull in the passenger seat of his car while driving on a highway in Norfolk (Nebraska), local media reported.

In a video clip circulated on social media, you can see how the huge animal protrudes from the car with its enormous horns. It also appears that the passenger seat door has been replaced with a metal fence typical of livestock farms.

Police Captain Chad Reiman explained that after receiving a warning call, officers went to the scene, stopped traffic and asked the driver to return home with the animal, which he agreed to.

Photo courtesy / A man carries a large pit bull in the passenger seat of his car.

The individual is a regular in his city’s parades and takes “Howdy Doody” for a ride in his car every year.

After they stopped the identified driver (also the bull, named “Howdy Dodi”, or the equivalent “Holly, how are you”), they issued the relevant fines and allowed him to continue on his way. Of course, the little animal had to go home and stop walking.

Source: deryohoe.

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