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In the context of tensions with China, the US and Taiwanese naval forces conducted secret exercises in the Pacific Ocean

In the context of progress in relations between the United States and Taiwan, Sources close to the naval forces of both countries confirmed that joint naval exercises were conducted in recent weeks in secret to avoid escalating tensions with China.Which continues its sovereign claim to the island by conducting daily maneuvers around it.

According to the sources I reviewed ReutersThe maneuvers took place in the Western Pacific Ocean with the participation of multiple military means. In this context, it was highlighted that around six military ships, including frigates and other logistical support vessels, participated throughout the days of intense activities in basic communications, supply and fuel loading operations.

Other sources confirm that the naval forces of both countries met without prior planning. In this sense, I consulted him ReutersThe Taiwanese Navy (ROKN) announced that in the face of unexpected situations at sea, and to reduce interference with friendly partners, the naval force is working “According to the law of unexpected encounters at sea.”also known as CUES (for its abbreviation in English), which is promoted by the United States.

CUES was created a decade ago to avoid further tensions between forces at sea. In this sense, guidelines have been provided such as safe speeds and distances, a common language of communication and measures to be taken if a ship is out of service.

This was also confirmed by another source, who confirmed that the unexpected meetings of the two navies were basic exercises such as drills that were justified as a basis for ensuring the ability of the two countries to work together in times of emergency. He also added that search maneuvers were conducted to search for underwater targets.

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Some experts told the Global Times that these maneuvers are insignificant, but a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed that they strongly oppose such activities and the US intention to approach Taiwan. “We urge the United States to seriously adhere to the one-China principle and the three Sino-US joint communiques. And put an end to its wrong behavior of maintaining military contacts with Taiwan. We also have a clear message to the DPP authorities: seeking ‘Taiwan independence’ and resisting reunification by force “It’s doomed to failure. You can be sure of that.”The official spokesman stated.

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