What happens to Argentines who are vaccinated in the United States and return to the country

The case of the 29-year-old man He went to the United States to be vaccinatedHe returned to the country and concealed a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 is not the only one. Yes, because of the concealment of information and boarding a plane carrying more than 200 passengers despite the possibility of other people being infected, but the truth is that there is a percentage of Argentines who travel to that country for vaccination and return to the face. The second wave.

As of today, and according to General vaccination monitor7,122,073 first doses applied in Argentina are: 15.5% of the population is 45 million. In the United States, according to data from Our world in data145 million people received at least a first dose, out of a total of 328 million people, 44%.

The rapid advance of the United States with the vaccination campaign led to those who had the possibility to travel, from Argentina and many Latin American countries, to decide to travel to shorten the waiting period and return to Argentina.

But what happens to them when they return? Do they have to keep sanitary measures of distance and protection? The answer is always yes.

He hid tested positive for Covid-19 and traveled from Miami: caught

“The number of Argentines who will be vaccinated in the United States is negligible. These are the people who have great purchasing power, because they have to stay for the second dose, because these vaccines are not applied here.” Profile personly Hugo PizzaInfectious Diseases Physician, Epidemiologist and Master’s Degree in Public Health (MP 54.101).

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“Many Argentines in the last 15 days have been fortunate enough to be vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is a single dose.”, Added.

For Argentina, as the director of the Center for Tropical Diseases in Cordoba said, this has a certain benefit. It is good for us, for example, in the case of youthThe vaccination date is far away and it is not known when they will get the vaccination. “It’s a good strategy,” he said. “What happens is that very few are able to do that” because of the high costs.

Distance and chin strap also for those who have been grafted outside

However, experts reiterate at every opportunity that those who have been vaccinated in Argentina – such as those who have been vaccinated in the United States and are back in the country – should maintain social distancing measures, use chin braces and the same precautions to avoid injury and infecting others.

This is because the Covid-19 vaccine helps avoid the risk of serious forms of the disease, but it does not prevent infection, so some health restrictions must be maintained, according to estimates, until the infection and mortality curve shows a continuous decline and the so-called “herd immunity” is reached.

“The goal of any epidemic is herd immunity, which is achieved by 60% of vaccination.”Betzi explained, but pointed out that even before this percentage was reached, it had begun to notice that the virus was “experiencing difficulties in transit.” Until then, he said, “It is imperative to maintain care and discipline.”

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Israel: Citizens return to normal after a successful vaccination plan

In order to be vaccinated and not to be vaccinated, they must take care of each other

Once this percentage is reached, a healthy posture that allows for another type of trading becomes possible, with a return to face-to-face activities postponed and replaced by virtual reality.

This is the situation IsraelWith a population of 62.4%, more than 9 million people with a single dose, it is the first country to return to “normal life”, with fewer restrictions and the end of the ban on the use of face masks in public places after showing a sustainable decline in the curve of new cases.

“Israel is a leader, it was grafted at an extraordinary speed. Practically no one wears chin belts, life is practically going as it was before.”Beasy analysis.

The United States, for its part, has administered more than 145 million doses among its population of 330,000, approximately 44% of the population. “The United States is doing very well,” the epidemiologist said. Although the situation is not the same as it is in Israel, ”he said The provinces“Some restrictions have already been relaxed,” he said.

“The great advantage that the United States has is that it has three vaccines that are fundamentally very successful and are being applied very quickly.” Analyze your specialist.


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