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Recycle your empty telgopol utensils into these elegant utensils

telgopol DIY pots for making flower pots.jpg

DIY recycling: step by step to make pots with tergopol pots

Once the basic structure is ready, it’s time to design it DIY. A popular choice is the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by elegance and simplicity. To achieve this effect, you can use chalk paints in soft, neutral colors, such as beige or light grey. Apply several coats of paint to cover the entire bowl and then lightly sand the edges for a smooth, uniform finish.

To add texture and depth to your flower potMix a little paint with baking soda and carefully apply it to the surface. This will create a ceramic effect that will give a unique touch to your creativity.

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DIY flower pots with ice cream pots.jpg

Once the paint is dry, cover the surface with a layer of water-based paint if the pot is inside, or varnish if it is outside. This will protect the paint and ensure the pot retains its original appearance for longer.

Finally, you can plant your own plants Favorites in flower pot recycled. Make sure to add the correct substrate, and if you wish, you can create a drainage system by drilling several holes in the lid to prevent water buildup, especially if you are planting succulents or other plants that require effective drainage.

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