It includes 14 satellites: the American plan to shoot down hypersonic missiles

August 13, 2022 – 7:00 PM

this week, United State It announced that by 2024 work will begin to build a satellite system that will help warn of missiles.

according to space.comit’s about 14 satellites provided by the company Maxar Technologiesbased in Colorado, which will form part of the in-orbit infrastructure for the Space Development Agency (SDA).

Vehicles developed by L3Harris Technologieswill seek assistance with US anti-satellite weapons technology, and will correspond to the second batch of satellites the plant aims to launch in 2025.


Section 1

According to the above-mentioned media, hypersonic weapons, traveling at a speed of Mach 5 or more, are the target of the US military, as well as other international actors.

Since the SDA sounded the alarm about Russian and Chinese development of hypersonic vehicles, a spending bill in the US Congress dedicated Additional $550 million in 2022 to accelerate the development of Section 1.


This section corresponds to a second batch of satellites seeking to update Section 0, which already includes 28 satellites, 8 of which will be used to detect threats and send information to another 20 monitoring satellites.

SDA manager, Derek Turnerhe said Slide 1 will be the first set of satellites to target hypersonic maneuvering vehicles, and it has established a direct link to Chinese and Russian activities.

“These satellites are specifically designed to go after this version of the next generation of threats,” he said.

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