The world is in crisis: a lake in Italy disappears while a crater grows in Chile

While Europe is facing one of the droughts The biggest in recent decades Italy is witnessing how Lake Garda is slowly disappearing Which is located on the Sirmione peninsula. The precious liquid receded to the point of exposing the white rock. Adding to this concern is The remaining water is the same temperature as the Caribbean.

Far from it, there is another phenomenon that alerts the world. Around Atacama crater, Chile, This does not stop growing. The reasons are still unknown but now It is already about 40 meters in diameter and 200 meters deep.

Italy in the face of surprise and drought

In the north of this country there has been no heavy rain for months. In addition, this year snow has decreased by 70 percent. Rivers have dried up like the Po River, essential because it crosses the agricultural area as well as the industrial area. Thousands of farmers lost their profits due to this water shortage.

In order to compensate for severe dehydration The authorities are authorized to increase the flow of water from Garda In order to protect crops. However, this decision generated an expected result: Tawila began to fall back in a dizzying fashion.

France in a state of emergency: wildfires, heat waves and droughts affect crops

The mayor of Garda, Davide Bedinelli, announced that the decision was specifically to take care of agriculture, writing on his social network: “The drought is a fact that we must face this year, but the tourist season is not in danger.” The influx of a lot of water and intense heat has caused the temperature of this lake to rise to nearly 27 degrees, a mark similar to that of the Caribbean.

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Chile between surprise and mystery

The hatch that appeared in the AtacamaWhich in its first measurement was 25 meters in diameter, it does not stop growing. Now it is close to 40 meters and a depth of 200 is a cause for concern in the area Because the cause of this collapse of the earth can not be known yet.

Chile’s mining regulator has studied the area and failed to detect overexploitation. However, the residents of the place demand punishment for the offenses they commit in their opinion.

The fact is that this collapse occurred near some copper mines.

A large hole occurred in Chile of unknown origin 20220809

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