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A 23-year-old girl in the UK is fighting to save her life, after doctors who detected COVID-19 found that the cough she had been having for more than five months was actually cancer.

Chloe Girarder . said She was devastated after this terrible medical neglect, because if the hospital made an appointment for her on time, she wouldn’t have to undergo chemotherapy before the Christmas holidays.

“It is very difficult to get appointments; they kept telling me that I did not qualify for an urgent appointment because it was just a cough,” A nursing home worker in England revealed. “People have asked me many times if I took the test COVID-19 And he was frustrated because other illnesses are still present and the cough is not just a sign of that COVID-19He completed.

In July, the young woman thought she had caught a cold and started coughing symptoms. These became more and more severe so he decided to go to the doctor. After she struggled with the hospital to get an appointment, the doctor treated her with antibiotics, inhalers, and regurgitation tablets.

However, his discomfort did not disappear, on the contrary, renal I noticed he was losing weight. In an effort to get a medical appointment again, he asked for a chest X-ray to find out the cause of the persistent cough.

“When I started losing weight in October, that was the time I really pushed for answers because they were so noticeable to everyone around me.”and narrated.

Another doctor who treated her discovered a lump in the young woman’s chest of about 10 centimeters. The real diagnosis for September of this year was that she had lymphoma Hodgkin.

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“I’ve heard of this type of cancer before because I’ve known someone who has had it and fortunately it’s one of the easiest cancers to treat, so I’m sure I’ll make a full recovery.”, pointed out.

What cancer do you have? renal It is very rare and is located in the lymphatic system. The main symptoms of this disease are persistent cough, itchy skin, weight loss, night sweats and fever.

“I can’t believe more research hasn’t been done and if I didn’t push for a chest X-ray, I might not have a diagnosis yet.”, was indignantly calculated. “Now that I’ve been diagnosed so late, I’m going to have chemotherapy a few days before Christmas.”

Chloe said that if doctors detected her cancer faster, she wouldn’t need such intense chemotherapy. She will start chemotherapy on December 20.

“Even the doctors said it was weird that I had a cough for so long, but they didn’t look into it.” pointed out. “This cancer could have been detected three months ago and I’m lucky because this is a type of cancer and not a cancer that develops so quickly”, I finish.

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