A report revealed that the number of employees in the Blockchain sector increased by almost 80% in the last year

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According to the report, there is a growing demand for trained people within the space blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and this indicator is expected to continue to grow in the future.


  • More and more people are working in space blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • USA, India and China are the countries with more trained people
  • Spain, Canada and Brazil are the countries that employ more people in this sector

Report recently published by Feinbold Reflects this, due to the growing interest in space blockchain And in cryptocurrencies, the number of people now working in this sector has increased significantly compared to what has been seen in previous years.

The report cites previously published data LinkedIn and exchange OKX, Reflecting the increase in the number of workers in this new sector by 76% over the past year, especially in highlighting the remarkable growth in some countries in particular.

talents in the sector blockchain

With regard to the presence of talent blockchain The data shows that the United States, India and China are the top three countries in the world where there are the most skilled people to work in this field, followed by the United Kingdom, Singapore and Nigeria.

Regarding the growth of this indicator, the data reflect the following:

  • In the US it grew 62% last year
  • India records the most visible growth with an increase of 122%
  • China is the least developed country, increasing by only 12%.
  • Among the countries with the highest growth after India we have Canada (106%), Singapore (92%) and Nigeria (81%).
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Increase job offers

According to the study, another indicator that also scored positively is the number of vacancies and jobs within the place blockchain And the coding, although there is of course notable data:

  • The country with the largest increase in job offers was Spain, where this indicator rose by 609%.
  • It is followed by Canada and Brazil with 560% and 518%, respectively.
  • While India and Mexico rose between 149% and 190%, in the United States, China, Germany and the United Kingdom they increased between 60% and 82%.
  • The only country in the top 10 with fewer job vacancies was France, which was down 11% from what was seen in 2021.

Other interesting facts

Among other interesting data, the study shows that it is among the sectors that employ the largest number of experts in it blockchain Cryptocurrency is the financial sector, which has 19% of employees. Followed by the engineering space, where 16% of the people are, and finally there is Business Development, IT and Sales with 6% each.

In conclusion, the study indicates that inside space blockchain Talent moves a lot, so people have a short tenure in their positions and tend to rotate often, which is typical when demand grows and exceeds available supply.

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Article by Angel Di Matteo / Daily Bitcoin

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