Which came first, the eggs or the chicken? Powerful AI response

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chat It represents a real revolution in the way people interact with information systems. artificial intelligence (Amnesty International).

in recent months, Computer program Developed by OpenIA It has captured the attention of millions of users around the world, and has expanded into a number of fields and activities.

One user defies the limits of its usefulness language model to solve a dilemma that have persisted through generations and raised questions about our evolutionWhat is the primary origin, the chicken or the egg?

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Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?: ChatGTP’s Solution to the Dilemma

According to a decryption report, a user made a request to the tool: “Answer in one word: Which came first the chicken or the egg?.

ChatGPT’s response surprised netizens: the egg.

Not satisfied, the individual asked him again: “Why?”. The app’s response was simple: development.

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How did ChatGPT justify its answer?

In its justification, ChatGPT bases its answer: “The egg comes from an ancestor that is not a chicken. In the course of evolution, changes in populations occur over time.”

Through a genetic mutation, a bird laid an egg containing young that had genetic characteristics we now associate with chickens.I added.

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What does science say about which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In the scientific field, the answers are divided.

A few months ago, a study was published in new world He confirmed that the first chicken was not born from an egg laid by a sample of the same species. In addition, he explained that eggs evolved over a billion years ago, while chickens have only existed for 10,000 years.

On the other hand, researchers from University of Sheffield In England confirmed that The chicken came before the egg.

How did they come to this conclusion?

They discovered a protein called ovocledidine-17 in the ovaries of these birds.

“Our study makes us wonder if the egg from which the first chicken hatched was really a chicken’s egg. There must have been an embryo that developed into the first chicken, but the “egg” that his parents laid would not have the shape of a chicken egg as we know it today.And they explained.

This study highlights the role played by the chicken, as its genetic material is essential for shell formation. Therefore, the presence of the bird is crucial in the egg production process.

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