This Google page tells you if the link they are sending you is safe or dangerous

Receiving false links when surfing the Internet is a very present problem. You can go through WhatsApp, for example, but also through social networks, Internet forums, etc. Through a link of this kind, they can steal your passwords, infiltrate viruses, personal data … In this article we will talk about one of the Google pages that aims to help you Detect fake links that you get when surfing the Internet.

It is important that you do not interact with these types of fraudulent links, as they may seriously put you off Security and privacy. Therefore, detecting when it could be a scam would be essential, and Google has the solution with a tool that is used to know the status of a website.

Detect fake pages

This tool is called Transparency report (Transparency Report). Once you are on the web, you will see a search bar where you can paste any URL and see the status of that site. Its job is to share information to alert you if it detects that this page is dangerous and thus avoid problems.

For example, if we put, you will see that it shows that it did not happen Dangerous content detected. In addition, it puts the date of the last revision. Of course, they point out that the fact that a page is reliable one day does not mean it will continue to be so the next. However, this is very unlikely to happen and will help us a lot in the fight against phishing.

This page is really simple. You won’t see much more than that. Just paste the link you received, for example via WhatsApp or social networks, and press search to show you the information. You can test it using any URL that you see as suspicious, for example when you make a purchase, register, etc.

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How to act against dangerous links

But what should you do if they send you a dangerous link? And the most important is Don’t go to that page. Simply by clicking, you may risk downloading a malicious file or obtaining some kind of information and even stealing passwords. It is essential that you do not interact with this website. You can always see the shortened links.

You should too Warn To the person who sent it to you, because he may have been the victim of an attack and is now sending it, unconsciously, to his contacts. In the event that it is sent to you by a strange account, which is definitely a bot, you simply have to block it and that’s it.

It is important that you protect your devices properly, because in many cases these types of attacks take advantage of unprotected systems. Always a good install Antivirus, such as Microsoft Defender, Avast, Bitdefender, or any other program. In addition, it is convenient to update the device and patch any vulnerability that they can take advantage of to steal from you.

So, as you can see, you can use this Google tool to detect false links. It is very useful to protect you from phishing attacks and other threats that may be present. However, you should always take precautions and protect your computer well so that you do not get infected with viruses of any kind.

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