They went to a hotel, but when they left, an embarrassing surprise awaited them.

The words of one of the protagonists of this story that spread on social networks were the phrase “Drag me down if you want.” Through a video clip, he was arrested The moment a masked man intercepts a white carwith darkened windows, outside a residence hotel on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

In the car, apparently, the other characters of this potential love triangle were transported. Faced with the refusal of the vehicle’s passengers to stop and get off, the man had no choice but to stand in front of the car and challenge the driver to run it over. It did not take long for the screams and threats of the venerable subject to alert the residents of the Strip, with mobile phones in their hands, to go out to witness and record the “embarrassing” scene.

A man shines in a scandal after discovering his wife’s infidelity

Despite the advice of citizens that they recommended that the woman who was arrested be abandoned, it seems red-handed Together with his companion at the exit of a hotel, the masked man violently chose to break the windshield wipers of the car.

Apparently, the man had been waiting for several hours in the establishment to finally close the road and confront the alleged lovers. “It’s not what you’re thinking”, “She was turning around there, these things happen” and “What a shame”, These are some of the comments that are read on social networks.

Social networks are full of stories, but What happened to this Mexican girl is beyond a lot. There is no doubt that every head is a scientist and that the most creative ideas can come from where one would not expect. I paid my abuser to steal her boyfriend’s cell phone so she could investigate if he was being unfaithful. If this indeed sounds crazy, the result of this tale was even more surprising.

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It all started when a native of Coahuila, Mexico She had slight suspicions of her boyfriend’s betrayal And she wasn’t about to let them go. Create a master plan Which, although bold and unexpected, was very effective for her. In addition, it has gone viral because many have rated its strategy as creative.

The thief did his job and in a very big way, He took the cell phone from his client’s friend. Later, he handed it to her and she was able to review it without any unexpected events. He achieved his goal and discovered that, in fact, Her lover was cheating on her with someone elseAccording to what he said on his account @Bba Valdez.

The story of Tiktoker paid to assault her boyfriend for a reason

“When I remember I paid an attacker to steal my friend’s cell phone because I wanted to know if he was unfaithful to me. I finished checking him, started crying and gave it to him. So when He sold the torrent that called me to give me half the money Because they actually cheated on me,” the TikTok video description reads.

in tears, Hand over the cell phone to the assailant She was ready to end their relationship. Although the latter did not explain the matter completely, he only specified that after the disappointment he got unexpected money from the person who was his partner in that deal.

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