Netflix USA | Al-Kubra is a Turkish series that revolves around a man who believes that he is chosen by God RPPUSA

The Turkish Netflix series explores this mystery and suspense through the story of a man who believes he is chosen by God.

Actor Cagatay Ulusoy returns to the screen Netflix With a new leadership role in series I am originally Turkish Grand. In this productionUlusoy plays Gokhan Sahinoglu, a character involved in an interesting story world Of mysticism and suspense.

Inspired by the novel of the same name by Afshin Kum, Grand It is an eight-episode series that promises to keep viewers in suspense from the first episode. Through a unique narrative, the story immerses us on an exciting journey where themes of spirituality and destiny are explored.

Plot that involved

The film revolves around the life of Gokhan, a seemingly ordinary man who works in a lathe shop and enjoys his free time playing football and spending time with his girlfriend, Murphy. However, everything changes when he receives a mysterious message from a user named Grand On the social network soultouch.

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This seemingly insignificant message triggers a file series Of the unusual events that lead to Gokhan To firmly believe that he is destined to be the Messenger of God. As he assumes his role as the Chosen One, Gokhan faces internal and external challenges that will test his faith and determination.

During the seriesGokhan finds himself in a network of enemies and allies, facing the distrust of religious people and the attention of the authorities. However, his conviction in his divine mission remains steadfast, even when he encounters revelations that challenge his understanding of the world.

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Grand It is a wonderful exploration of faith, destiny, and the power of faith in a setting full of mystery and suspense. With the outstanding performance of Cagatay Ulusoy and the engaging plot, this series It promises to keep viewers glued to their screens until the final episode.

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