What is the cost of a travel permit to Canada?

Canada It is one of the favorite destinations for Mexican travelers due to its natural landscapes, cultural richness, and urban attractions. If you are a Mexican, you should know that in order to visit this country, you do not need to process a visa but you do need to permission special travel.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) it’s a travel requirements To enter Canadian territory by air, for countries exempt from visa requirements. Therefore, it is important to know the process of its release, as well as its cost.

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What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)?

Take note! If you are planning a program holidays To Canada, at destinations We tell you all about Electronic Travel Permitwhich was obtained by Internet And within a few minutes.

It should be clarified that an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is not a visa, but a Entry Permit for my citizens Mexico They will stay for a maximum of 6 months. Whether for reasons of visit, business, tourism or transit through the airport, as set forth by the Government of Canada.

The above means that it is not the same Procedure To reside permanently in the country. In fact, if the authorities discover false data in the app, in addition to canceling your flight, they can apply penalties such as a ban on entry to Canada within 5 years.

Although it is not complicated to order permissionAccording to the Canadian government, eTA Entry may be denied due to suspicious actions. For example, not being accepted into the country because of a criminal record or lying about your reasons for traveling.

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This is how you can get a Canadian eTA if you are a Mexican

The first thing you need to do to get a file eTA It is to apply exclusively to place government official from Canada. at your fingertips passport and a valid email address.

The most common errors that occur in the version Electronic Travel Permit related to passport. Therefore, when filling out the form, make sure that your name, passport number, date of issue and expiration are correct.

We recommend that you fill out your application in advance and preferably before booking a flight. Most applicants are approved within minutes, although for others it can take up to 72 hours.

Verification time eTA It will depend on the reasons and data you entered. In some cases, you will be asked via email to attach official documents to validate the form.

Do not lose sight of the fact that the request a eTA to travel to Canada processed for each person; Then you have to print the payment receipt as you will not be able to download it again; The information is not saved automatically, so if you leave the page, you will have to start over.

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eTA costs to enter Canada

as part of ProcedureWhen you complete the application form, you will have to pay by debit or credit card.

single cost eTA that it 7 Canadian dollars, which equals 110 Mexican pesos.

Once you get a file Electronic Travel PermitThe 5-year validity period will be linked to your account passport. This way you make sure that there are no mishaps at the airport.

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