Migrants hide or flee to Ireland to avoid Rwanda

Interior Minister, james Cleverly, He said it was“historical moment” To stop small boats crossing the English Channel. In 2023, 12 people died on this migration route, according to the French Maritime Prefecture. In the same year, 29,437 people arrived on the English coast, compared to 45,774 people who arrived on the English coast in 2022, when a record number of arrivals were recorded. to End of June 2023, more than 175 thousand people They were waiting for a response to their asylum application; 44% more than in 2022.

Iranian, Ethiopian and Syrian Kurds expressed their concern to the British newspaper: “First of all, I don’t come from Rwanda. How can they send me to Rwanda? I don’t want to go to Rwanda.” He said. “Tell me how, what is the reason?”

Escape to Ireland

Others flee to Ireland. Immigration to Ireland comes mainly from the United Kingdom. A few days ago, the authorities removed a tent city in the heart of Dublin, opposite the International Center for Preventive Accommodation Services, but the tents reappeared again.

There are many anti-immigrant groups in Ireland. Last November, the worst riots in recent years occurred in Dublin. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to riot, loot, set fires and plan attacks against law enforcement.

Last week, the new Irish Prime Minister, Simon Harris“, declared”“We do not want to live in a country where improvised slum development is simply allowed.”


Ireland is also saturated with immigrants.

As in many places in Europe, resentment towards asylum seekers has been gradually growing in recent years. In Ireland, this crisis has been conflated with a chronic housing crisis and concerns about crimeWhich led to protests in front of refugee centers and the Legislative Council.

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A Home Office spokesperson has defended the controversial bill promoted by the government to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda. “The unacceptable number of people continuing to cross the Channel shows exactly why flights to Rwanda must be launched as soon as possible.”

“Many of those who will be transferred are also residing in Home Office accommodation. For those who are not, we have strict escape prevention measures in place and keep in touch with those who may be transferred to Rwanda through various means, including digital and face-to-face reporting.

The massive migration flows overwhelming European countries constitute a complex problem that needs to be addressed. And The collapse of systems forces some countries to adopt a policy of outsourcing to third countries“Safe”.

Human rights organizations and some immigration experts who reject outsourcing to a safe third country believe there are risks to the implementation of asylum and human rights regulations, which Decent conditions and treatment for people staying in the centers are not guaranteed, and it has not been determined what happens to those who must be returned.

The Prime Minister says the first flight to Rwanda will leave in 10 to 12 weeks Rishi Sunak.

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